Commercial Garage Door Installation

Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door can install all types and brands of commercial garage doors. We off free onsite consultations to make sure you are purchasing the proper commercial door for your type of business. Below is a list of some of the common commercial garage doors and the industry they are best suited for:

• Steel Sectional

Steel sectionals are one of the most robust garage doors available and are built to be durable. Steel sectionals are energy efficient and are built to withstand extreme weather making them the perfect choice for warehouses or other high traffic buildings.

• Aluminum Sectional

Aluminum sectionals are probably the most aesthetically pleasing of the types of commercial garage doors and are built with large windows that allow in natural sunlight while also allowing customers to look into the business. These commercial garage doors are lightweight and are perfect for restaurants, fire stations, and auto dealerships.

• Rolling Fire Door

Rolling fire doors are hooked up to an alarm system and when that alarm goes off these doors will automatically close to minimize building damage while keeping the individuals inside safe. These commercial doors are perfect for hotels, healthcare facilities, and educational buildings.

• High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors are built with convenience and security in mind as they open and close quickly making for better traffic flow in and out of the building. Because these doors open and close quickly, they are energy efficient and allow for better climate control. These doors are an excellent choice for warehouses, distribution facilities, and manufacturing.

• Security Shutter

Security shutters are durable and easy to secure making them perfect for areas with high pedestrian traffic as they protect businesses against theft and break-ins. Security shutters come in different styles and varying levels of visibility and are ideal for pharmacies, hospitals, schools, and offices.
At Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door we want to make sure you are purchasing the proper commercial garage door that will enhance your business. One of our expert technicians will come and do a free onsite consultation to provide you will the information you need to make the best decision if you are looking to have a commercial door installed call (952) 800-9888 and speak with one of our experts.

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