Common Garage Door Issues

Not all garage door problems are catastrophic, or for that case expensive to resolve, although due to the weight and size of most garage doors, it is advisable to hire professionals to solve most problems. Listed below are the most common issues we deal with on a daily basis:

• Grinding Noise-Sometimes your garage door will make a horrible grinding noise, this is generally caused by loose hardware, or it needs to be lubricated.
• Garage Doors Starts to Open But Then Closes- This is due to faulty springs that need to be replaced.
• Gaps- Due to time, weather, and use gaps can occur with your garage door and can usually be filled and or sealed with caulk to prevent further damage.
• The Opener is Unresponsive- This can be due to an issue with the photo-eyes or that it is not correctly plugged in.
• Remote Needs Batteries- Often we forget when we put batteries in the garage door remote, so if it stops working first try changing the batteries.
• Rubbing Noise- At times the garage door track can become bent or out of alignment and can cause a rubbing noise during operation
• Photo-Eye Out of Alignment- To ensure safety all garage openers installed after 1993 have photo eyes to prevent garage doors from closing on individuals and causing injury. These photo eyes can become dirty or become misaligned due to various reasons and will need to be fixed before your garage door will work properly.
• Lock Mode Enabled- Garage doors come with a lock mode that prevents the remote control from operating the door, this is a safety feature you can use when you are away for long periods of time. If you cannot access your garage door, you may have accidentally put it in lock mode, and you will have to deactivate it to have remote access to your garage door.
• Humming Noise- If you notice a humming noise when you try to open or close your garage door, then you most likely have a stripped gear in your garage door opener. This fix can be as simple as replacing the stripped gear or as complicated as replacing the entire garage door opener.

At Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door we recommend calling an expert to diagnose and repair any issues you may be having with your garage doors. It may be tempting to try and fix the problem yourself, but if you are unfamiliar with how garage doors work you may end up injuring yourself, the last thing we want is for a military veteran to come home safely and then hurt themselves fixing a garage door. Garage doors weigh from 100-500 pounds, run off electricity, and often require standing on a ladder to fix, and one little mistake could lead to serious injury. You can trust Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door for all your garage door troubleshooting needs. Our reliable safety conscious expert technicians can diagnose and fix any problem you may have while adhering to strict safety policies. Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door is a safety first company you can trust so call 952) 800-9888 and speak with one of our experts about any of your garage door troubleshooting needs.

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