Dangers Involved With Fixing Your Garage Door

While it may be tempting to save time and money by fixing your garage door, this can be a costly and dangerous mistake. Garage Doors are more complicated than they look and if you do not know what you are doing, you can cause further issues or damage that may lead to costly repairs, so it is best to call the experts and get the job done right the first time. At Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door safety is our priority. Garage doors are heavy, and since most garage door openers are mounted to the ceiling of your garage, you will need to climb a ladder to access them, both of these can lead to severe injuries if you do not have the knowledge or expertise required to handle the maintenance or repair yourself. Below is a list of garage door repairs you should not attempt yourself:
• Replacing Garage Door Panel
Garage door panels can weigh well over 100 pounds and replacing them is more complicated than you think. If you are not used to working with garage doors, you may find yourself losing control of the large panel and causing damage to your property or worse injuring yourself. It is best to call an expert who works on garage doors all the time.
• Fixing a Bent Track
The track is what allows the garage door to open and close smoothly and safely, if you attempt to replace or repair a bent track and do so improperly it could become a danger for both your family and your property. It is best to call an expert to fix this problem and keep your family and property safe.
• Replacing Springs
Garage door springs use mechanical energy to help lift your garage door, and they store this mechanical energy so trying to change them without know what you are doing can be extremely dangerous. If the spring breaks, it can release that energy in an unpredictable way not only damaging property but potentially causing severe injury.
• Replacing Rollers
Garage door rollers are parts that are always moving and therefore can become worn or broken over time. If may be tempting to try and replace them yourself, but if you are not used to working on garage doors you may not realize that the damaged rollers are just a symptom of a more significant problem and you and wasting your time and money. It is best to call a professional who can assess the whole situation and diagnose and fix it quicker and safer than you can.

• Replacing Broken Cables
Garage door cables are necessary for your garage door to open and close and are always under pressure from the heavy door so trying to fix them yourself can be extremely dangerous. If you do not have the proper expertise or tools to fix the cables yourself they could snap and cause serious injury either from the cable itself or from the heavy garage door falling, either way, it is best to call an expert who can fix the problem easier and safer.

Better Safe than Sorry, Call an Expert

While it may be tempting to save money by fixing your garage door yourself, it may end up costing you more money in the end. Working on ladders with tools you are unfamiliar with can be extremely dangerous and is an ill-advised venture. Many parts of your garage door are under pressure and have stored mechanical energy due to the weight of the garage door and if any of these parts break than can release that stored energy in dangerous and unpredictable ways. Garage door technicians like those employed by Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door are specially trained to work on garage doors and have more knowledge that allows them to fix all your garage door problems quickly and safely. At Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door safety is our priority, not just for our employees but for our customers as well. Before attempting to fix your garage door yourself call one of our experts at (952) 800-9888 and schedule a free estimate. You will find that hiring a professional garage door technician will not only save you time and money, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your garage door was correctly fixed and backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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