Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Install

At Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door we carry and install all major brands of garage door openers at competitive prices. Whether it is new construction or replacing an old or worn garage door opener, we can install them all. Our qualified team of professional technicians has the knowledge and skills to install anytype of garage door opener you require. The most popular types of garage door openers we install are:
• Chain Drive
• Belt Drive
• Screw Drive
If you already have a garage door opener, but it is an older model you may want to consider upgrading and replacing it as newer models have the following features:
• Security
New garage door openers offer better protection because instead of using the same signal code for remote entry, the newer models utilize codes that change making it nearly impossible for thieves to duplicate making your garage and home more secure.
• Less Noise
Older garage door openers while convenient are often very noisy. New garage door openers operate much more quietly.
• Keypad Entry
With newer models, you can use a keypad to enter your garage eliminating the need to carry a key around with you for access. Keypads can be accessed by code, touch, or fingerprint detection making them safer and easier to access.
• Smart-Home Features
New garage openers offer Wi-Fi and cell-phone connectivity allowing you to lock and unlock your garage door remotely. They can also provide you with time, temperature, lock-down modes, and motion-sensor light control which will enable you to control your garage door features from anywhere.
For more detailed information on the types of garage door openers, we sell and install, call Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door at xxx-xxx-xxxx and speak with one of our experts to find out which kind of opener best suits your needs and budget.

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