How Weather Affects Your Garage Door

Living in Minneapolis means dealing with different weather climates and fluctuating temperatures that can affect how your garage door operates. Below are some issues that hot and cold weather can have on your garage door:

Common Cold Weather Problems

• Hard Grease
In cold weather, grease can thicken, and instead of lubricating it will clump and clog the garage door track preventing your garage door from working correctly.
• Metal Contracts
One common reason garage doors will not work correctly in cold weather is that metal contracts and will lock your garage door in place.
• Broken Springs
Due the expanding and contracting that metal does due to weather can cause metal components to crack or break and if this happens to the springs in your garage door it will no longer function properly.
• Misaligned Track
Cold weather can cause the garage door track to become warped and misaligned due to the metal contracting, and this will render the garage door inoperable.

Common Hot Weather Problems

• Sensors
When the sun is beating down on your garage door sensors, they may think that something is blocking them causing them not to operate correctly.
• Metal Expands
One common reason garage doors will not work correctly in hot weather is that metal expands and will lock your garage door in place.
• Wood Decay
Hot weather often means humidity and humidity can cause your wood garage door to absorb moisture causing it to decay. It is essential to make sure you properly treat your wood garage door with a protective coating to seal the wood and keep the moisture out.
• Lubricant
It is essential to make sure your garage door and mechanisms are sufficient during hot weather as the friction generated by the garage door working causing the garage door mechanisms may become more heated than usual, and if there is not sufficient lubricant it can cause damage.

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