Preventative Maintenance

At Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door we recommend at least a yearly preventative maintenance check for your garage door to make sure it is operating safely and correctly. By scheduling annual preventative maintenance, you can stop problems before they begin which will save you time and money in the long run. Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door has trained technicians that are available to service your garage door and our preventative maintenance includes:
• Check Hardware- Through daily use; some parts can start to become loose which is terrible news for your garage door. Our expert technicians will carefully examine your entire garage door system and tighten any loose hardware.
• Lubrication- Proper lubrication is essential to keeping your garage door system running smoothly and safely. Properly lubricated parts last longer because lubricant reduces heat and friction keeping moving parts working more efficiently. By keeping your garage door system lubricated it will save time and money by maximizing the life of your garage door system.
• Rollers- Over time and use rollers can become chipped or broken and will cause your garage door not to function correctly. Our expert technicians will inspect all rollers and replace any that are damaged.
• Replace Weather-stripping- Due to use over time and different weather conditions, especially extreme hot and cold, weather stripping can become cracked and brittle and no longer keep your garage door properly sealed. Our expert technicians will check and replace any damaged weather-stripping to ensure your garage door is properly sealed.
• Check Tracks- If dirt or debris builds up in your garage door track it can render your garage door inoperable, our expert technicians will inspect the entire garage door track to clean out any debris or dirt they find to keep your garage door system running smoothly.
• Inspect Garage Door- Garage doors can become damaged or warped over time, so it is important to visually inspect the garage door to make sure it does not need to be repaired.
Preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your garage door system running safely and smoothly. At Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door we offer a yearly maintenance plan, and we provide a discount for all military veterans as a way of thanking you for your service. The expert technicians at Minneapolis Veterans Garage Door of Minneapolis are available to come out and inspect your garage door system and fix any problems before they keep our garage door system from working correctly.

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